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Monroe County...​.dedicated to the values of the Republican Party!

We are members of the 18-county Third Congressional District, located on the western side of Wisconsin.  Monroe County is mostly in the 3rd District with 3 1/2 townships and 2 villages in the 7th District.  The County seat of Monroe County is located in Sparta, Wisconsin.  The population of the County is 45,100 and it covers 900.78 square miles.

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Our Officers

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Doug Rogalla


Phone: 608-853-3182

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Dave Steinert

Vice Chairman

Phone: 608-372-6901

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John Christy

Past Chairman

Phone: 608-272-3802

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Marla Leverich


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Kristen Gust


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Trent Ziegler

Finance Membership

Phone: 608-487-2894

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Bill June

Member At-Large

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Matthew Hoffland

Member At-Large

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Keven Chroninger

Member At-Large

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