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"Best Event Award"

The Monroe County GOP received the "Best Event Award 2023" in recognition for the most innovative and successful Republican event.
Republican Party of Wisconsin
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Our County Team!

Monroe County is very proud of our Republican heritage and successes over the years.  We saw enthusiasm and support like never before through our County.  We were so proud of our supporters and voters who came out to make this election such an important one.
With our strong leadership and dedicated members in our organization, we will continue to work hard to build a bright future for the next generations!  Please join us as we work towards sustaining the forward progress in our State and help turn things around in Washington and hold our legislators accountable for their work on behalf of the voters in their Districts, State and as a nation.
Send this strong leadership team to Washington in November!
U.S. Senator Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson

U.S. Senator

Congressman Derek Van Orden.jpg
Derrick Van Orden

U.S. Representative - District 3

U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany
Tom Tiffany

U.S. Representative - District 7

Eric Hovde

U.S. Senate Candidate

Send this strong leadership team to Madison in November!
Patrick Testin

WI Senate - 24th District

Nancy VanderMeer

WI Assembly - 70th District

Loren Oldenburg

WI Assembly - 96th District

Stacy Klein

Candidate - WI Senate - 32nd District

cedric_pic-removebg-preview__1_-removebg-preview (2).png
Cedric Schnitzler

Candidate - WI Assembly - 95th District

Vote for this strong leadership team in Monroe County in November!
Kevin Croninger

District Attorney

Wes Revels

Monroe County Sheriff

Shelley Bohl

Monroe County Clerk

Mindy Hemmersbach

Monroe County Treasurer

Deb Brandt

Monroe County Register of Deeds

Laura Endres

Monroe County Clerk of Courts

I am Republican because.....
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